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Carl Blechen (1798 Cottbus - 1840 Berlin)

At The Baltic Coast, around 1835

Oil on panel (nutwood), 82 x 192 mm

Sticker with printed inscription: "+ C. Blechen." Most likely cut out of an auction-catalogue, dateable into the second half of 19th century.

Provenance: August Heinrich Sieberg (1875 Aachen - 1945 Jena). Meteorologist and geophysicist. Since then in family property.

Expertise: Prof. Helmut Boersch - Supan (Berlin), dated August 31 th. 2013
In particular the extremely thin trees, that could not resist any wind, prove, this is no study after nature. It is based on drawings compiled in situ, as analogies of motives, for instance the willows, and the conception of the landscape-setting in general, prove.

Literature on Carl Blechen:
Paul O. Rave, Carl Blechen, Berlin 1940

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