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JOHAN CHRISTIAN DAHL (1788 Bergen in Norway - 1857 Dresden)

Megalithic Graves Close to Vilmnitz

Titled by the artist in the bottom left corner as "Hühnengräber bei Vilmnitz Aug. 43" (Megalithic Graves Close to Vilmnitz, August 43).

Brown feather, 76 x 135 mm
Provenance: Private Collection Thuringia

In the year 1843 Dahl traveled from Dresden to Rügen. He captured several of his stops in pencil and pen. The artist is especially known for his paintings and oil studies of landscapes and towns. This drawing is proof of the fact that the virtuoso was also able to harmonically depict landscapes in a purely linear fashion.

Literature on Dahl:
Marie Lødrup Bang, Johan Christian Dahl, 1788-1857. Life and Works, Catalogue Raisonné, Oslo 1987

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