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Anonymous Painter, active in Madrid around 1800

Portait of a Young Artist as Draftsman

Oil on panel (nutwood), ca. 370 x 266 mm, verso: coated with white stuff.

Three minor touch-ups in the area of the trousers and background.
Protection and regenaration of the original varnish.

Provenance: Private Collection Berlin

The young artist is seated at a table, turning round to look at the spectator, presenting in his left hand a drawing. His right hand is resting on a partly opened folder of drawings (itself resting on the table) and holds the typical instrument of the draftsman, the porte-crayon. He wears breeches, a black-and-green striped waistcoat, a pale green coat and prominently sports a golden earring in his right ear.

The identity of both painter and sitter have not yet been established, it might well turn out to be a selfportrait. Costume and style suggest an artist resident in Madrid in the years around 1800, and there are similarities to the selfportraits by Zacharias Gonzales Velazquez (1763 Madrid 1834) in the Louvre in Paris and by Luis Paret y Alcázar (1745 Madrid 1799) in the Prado in Madrid. In the general outlook there still seem to be traces of the influence of Anton Raphael Mengs (Aussig 1728 - 1779 Madrid), who had worked and lived in Madrid from 1763 to 1834 most notably in the dark, earthy colours for the backdrop of portraits.

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