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ADOLPH MENZEL (1815 Breslau, now Wroclaw - 1905 Berlin)

Figural Study in the Welfenmuseum (Hannover)

Graphite and brush with ink in shades of grey, 236 x 146 mm on wove paper. Inscribed by the artist with "Welf. Mus. - (18-) 68. A.M." in the bottom right.
Provenance: Private collection Berlin

Menzel realized this drawing in 1868, while visiting the Welfenmuseum in Hannover on his return trip from Paris. The Welfen family is still relevant today since the current royal family of Great Britain can be traced back to them.
Menzel's foremost interest was to inspect the exhibited arts and crafts. Many of these sketches are still in existence.
The depiction of the man dressed in baroque garments, pensively sitting on a lavish chair, represents an exception. Hence, this drawing combines the artist's love for past epochs and his talent for drawing portraits. It presumably is the only Menzel drawing related to the Welfenhaus, Hannover or the Lower Saxonian museum scene.

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