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1698 Ulm - 1767 Augsburg

Red Deer at a Glade

Most likely a preliminary drawing for a print.
Pen and brown ink, brown and gray wash, with white heightening, on blue paper, 314 x 460 mm.
Signed and dated at the bottom right: "Joh. Elias Ridinger fecit 1737."

Private collection, Leipzig; prior to that, probably collection of August Weigel (1773 Leipzig 1846)

After a basic education in Ulm, Ridinger moved to Augsburg about 1718/19 where he became the pupil of Georg Philipp Rugendas in the academy. He then started a career, which made him the leading animal artist in Germany. A specialty was the depiction of the hunt, particular scenes involving deer. Later he founded a publishing house for his prints. Comprising 1600 etchings, prints and mezzotints and more than 1200 drawings, he left a huge oeuvre of baroque animal representation. In addition to this, his painted oeuvre also included portrait painting.

Literature on Ridinger:
Johann Elias Ridinger 1698 - 1767. Bushart, Bruno. Augsburg 1967.

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