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Works of the Web presentation from France: 8 (other works on request)

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FRANCOIS VERDIER (1651 Paris 1730)
Incident during a Campaign of Alexander the Great

LOUIS-FELIX DELARUE (1730 Versailles – 1777 Paris)
Draft for a Tomb

EMANUELE COSTA (1833 Menton/Alpes-Martimes – 1913 Turin)
View of Nice

JULES LAURENS (1825 Carpentras, Dept. Vaucluse – 1901 Saint Didier, Dept. Vaucluse)
Shepherd in the Midi

CHARLES HUARD (1874 Paris 1965)
In or outside the Café

CHARLES HUARD (1874 Paris 1965)
Coachman waiting for patrons

CHARLES HUARD (1874 Paris 1965)
At the Beach

GEORGES CHARLES VICTOR HUGO (1868 Brussels – 1925 Paris)
Rural Area in Ruins During World War I



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