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Works of the Web presentation from The Netherlands: 10 (other works on request)

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LAMBERT VAN NOORT (around 1520 Amersfoort – 1571 Antwerpen)
Capriccio with ancient medieval and Renaissance architectural motifs

HENDRIK GOLTZIUS (workshop) (1558 Bracht – 1617 Haarlem)

JACOB HOEFNAGEL (attributed) (1575 Antwerpen – ca. 1630)
Allegory of Love

CASPAR DE CRAYER (attributed) (1584 Antwerpen – 1669 Gent)
Christ sitting by the well

ANTWERPEN ARTIST (around 1600)
Farmhouses in the Woods

The Hand Washing of Pontius Pilate

AUGUST HACKAERT (1628 Amsterdam – presumably deceased in Amsterdam after 1685)
Italianate Landscape around 1655

ANDREAS SCHELFHOUT (1787 The Hague – 1870)
Forest landscape with resting walkers

DUTCH ARTIST (around 1795)
Gentleman Breaking in his Dog



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