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Works of the Web presentation from The Netherlands: 7 (other works on request)

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LAMBERT VAN NOORT (around 1520 Amersfoort - 1571 Antwerpen)
Capriccio with ancient medieval and Renaissance architectural motifs

ANTWERPEN ARTIST (around 1600)
Farmhouses in the Woods

NORTH ITALIEN ARTIST (Second Half of the 17th century)
Mediterranean Landscape with castle and farm

The Hand Washing of Pontius Pilate

CASPAR DE CRAYER (attributed) (1584 Antwerpen – 1669 Gent)
Christ sitting by the well

DUTCH ARTIST (around 1795)
Gentleman Breaking in his Dog

ANDREAS SCHELFHOUT (1787 The Hague – 1870)
Forest landscape with resting walkers



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