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(1800 Kratzau [Bohemia] – 1876 Vienna)

»Das Gebeth des Herrn« - The Lord's Prayer – Nine Drawings

Graphite on hand made paper.

Preliminary drawings for the set of nine etchings »Das Gebeth des Herrn«, which was published in Prague by P. Bohmanns Erben in 1826.

0. (Title page)
»Das Gebeth des Herrn« [The Lord's Prayer.], 203 x 182 mm (motive), 247 x 213 mm (sheet),
»Vater unser.« [Our Father.], 202 x 182 mm (motive), 247 x 214 mm (sheet),
»Geheiliget werde dein Name« [Hallowed Be Thy Name], 201 x 181 mm (motive), 245 x 211 mm (sheet),
»Beikomme uns dein Reich.« [Thy Kingdom Come.], 201 x 183 mm (motive), 246 x 215 mm (sheet),
»Dein Wille geschehe« [Thy Will be Done in Earth], 200 x 182 mm (motive), 246 x 214 mm (sheet),
5. »Gib uns unser tägliches Brod.« [Give us this Day Our daily Bread.], 200 x 183 mm (motive), 246 x 214 mm (sheet),
»Vergib uns unsere Schuld.« [Forgive Us Our Depts.], 202 x 183 mm (motive), 245 x 215 mm (sheet)
»Führe uns nicht in Versuchung« [Lead Us not into Temptation.], 202 x 182 mm (motive), 247 x 215 mm (sheet)
»Erlöse uns vom Uibel.« [Deliver Us from Evil.], 199 x 182 mm (motive), 245 x 215 mm (sheet)


Private collection, Berlin

Führich's set of etchings »Das Gebeth des Herrn« plays an important role in German Romantic art and appered in several editions. It was composed in the year before Führich became a member of the brotherhood of St. Luke in Rome. No influence of Italian Renaissance, so dominant later on, can be seen yet. Northern Renaissance, mainly Dürer's woodcuts, had a strong impact on the young artist.

Hans Geller, Das Gebeth des Herrn – Neun Bleistiftzeichnungen zum Vaterunser, Berlin 1958; our drawings are reproduced as facsimiles.

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