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FRIEDRICH AUGUST ELSASSER (1810 Berlin - 1845 Rome)

Mark Brandenburg Landscape During Sunset

Oil on canvas laid down on cardboard, 170 x 238 mm
Inscribed on the verso: "Carl Friedrich Schulz gen. Jagdschulz *1796 Selchow + 1866 Neuruppin" Carl Friedrich Schulz called Hunter-Schulz *1796 Selchow + 1866 Neuruppin

Despite the attribution to Schultz on the back of the painting, the artist was most likely Friedrich A. Elsasser. Schultz's work is characterized by an attention to detail, the use of staffage as well as restrained use of color. The painter was a collector himself, which is most likely why his name is written on the back. Further evidence is the number "181" on the back; possibly indicating that the painting was part of Schultz's collection.

The spontaneous brush strokes as well as the landscape submerged in a warm, mediterranean light is reminiscent of Carl Blechen's (1798 - 1840) conception of landscapes. Elsasser was, in fact, Blechen's student after the latter's return from Italy in the year 1829. Reducing the treetops to cotton balls is typical for Elsasser's own style.


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