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EUGÈNE JANSSON (1862 Stockholm - 1915 Skara)

Ironbridge and Landscape Close Stockholm
from a point at Södermalm at Södermalm/Mariaberget with Riddarfjärden and Riddarholmen and its church in the background.

Oil on canvas, 410 x 334 mm
It bears a sticker on the verso of the art supply "DORCH, BÄCKSIN & COMP. (loss = GÖTE)-EBORG"

Jansson spent almost his whole life at Södermalm, the southern part of Stockholm. Later on, he moved to a hill with a view over most of central Stockholm, including the Riddarfjärden bay and the Old town. This is the view depicted in the painting.
Most of his paintings from the 1890s up to 1904 are night views of this area, or street views of various parts of Stockholm.

The painting shows an impressionist view of the city. Remarkably, the artist confronts a realistically depicted nature with human impacts. Here, this is visualised by a geometrical iron bridge, which diagonally penetrates the painting from the bottom left corner. These contrast are moderated by the gloom of the incoming night.
On top of the bridge, two isolated figures can be seen. They are close to each other, without being able to meet. The latter might reflect the artist's documented interest in Edvard Munch.

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