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(1834 Plau/Mecklenburg - 1875 Straßburg)

Head of a Young Roman

Graphite on thick velum with watermark: letter "P". 290 x 207 mm. Bears a monogram and place name "FL. Roma".

After having completed his basic education in Schwerin (Mecklenburg) Lange adjourned to the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (Saxony). Here he became a privileged pupil of Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1794 Leipzig - 1872 Dresden) a headman of the Nazarene art movement.
With the grant of grand duke Friedrich Franz II he spent 4 years in Rome, where he became a member of the Brotherhood of St. Luke and the organization of German artists.
This accurate, stictly linear pencil drawing was executed during Lange's stay in Italy. It is a prototypical example of the Nazarene art of draftsmanship.

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